BioscienZ, exploring solutions to reduce nitrogen emissions

14 januari 2022

BioscienZ, exploring solutions to reduce nitrogen emissions

BioscienZ has been established in 2011 by Wim de Laat. Based on his broad biotech experience BioscienZ has developed various innovative, low costs fungal fermentation processes.
The most well-known example is The Protein Brewery, that was established end of 2019 as a spin-out of BioscienZ. The focus of The Protein Brewery is on the use of fungi for Food products.

BioscienZ is currently exploring the conversion of various agrifood by- products to feed products together with a well-known feed company. In 2021 also a collaboration was started with B4Plastics and Millvision on biomaterials, e.g. leather alternatives made from fungal mycelium. For this work European support from Interreg Vlaanderen-Nederland has been received.
B4Plastics is the Belgian scale-up that recently received the world’s biggest environmental award from the Food Planet Prize Foundation for its innovative work on world-changing ecological materials.

BioscienZ also sees possibilities to address the nitrogen emission caused by lifestock farming (one of the major challenges of the Netherlands; see article of the Volkskrant) , and targets to valorize manure to e.g. feed and biomaterials. Within the GPEC – Green Protein Excellence Center, BioscienZ will explore possibilities, also in collaboration with e.g. farmers, to convert manure to e.g. feed.

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