Developments Green Protein project

25 oktober 2021

Developments Green Protein project

A project that has been running for some time within Cosun in context of GPEC  is Green Protein. This project is  an industrial demonstration project that aims to produce high-added value, food-grade proteins and other ingredients from vegetable food waste streams. The primary objective will be to extract and purify food-grade, fully functioning, RuBisCO protein on an industrial scale using greenfield waste.

The development of the RuBisCO process from, among other things, beet leaves has entered a phase where the economy is being tightened up. Lessons are learned from comparable processing processes, especially at the front. A research program is also underway to optimize the process. Typical challenges in the reprocessing of functional proteins are addressed, such as concentration at low temperatures and containment of microbiology. Great milestones have been reached in the past period. The EFSA process is underway and preparations are being made to enter the market pending approval. First impressions of using RuBisCO in potential customer applications are very positive.


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