Results student research project

16 juni 2021

Results student research project

Hello! We are Charlotte Scheer (Food Innovation) and Linda van Hooft (Food Technology), two final year students of the HAS University of Applied Sciences. As part of our Bachelor thesis we did a project for Royal Cosun in context of GPEC.

Plant-based products are getting more and more popular as well as plant-based dairy. More consumers adapt to a specific diet, like veganism or a lactose-free diet. Besides these diet trends, the clean label trend is on a rise as consumers desire natural products without additives.

The use of plant proteins in plant-based dairy brings technical challenges concerning texture, stability and flavour. To resolve these problems stabilisers are often used. This is contradictory with the clean label trend. A solution is the use of in-situ produced Exopolysaccharides (EPS). EPS is a slime network excreted by lactic acid bacteria during fermentation. This technology is currently used in traditional yogurts. However, knowledge is limited on the application of this technology in plant-based dairy.

Therefore, we performed an in-depth research into fermentation techniques using EPS-producing lactic acid bacteria as opposed to non-EPS-producing LAB and the additional use of stabilisers. We were able to develop a plant-based yogurt with a good texture, stability and flavour, without the use of stabilizers. The concept product is 100% plant-based, provides a neutral, dairy-like flavour and even better, has a good appearance.

This study provides Royal Cosun as well as GPEC a reference work for further developments within plant-based dairy fermentations and possible other applications. We are thankful that we got the chance to work on this interesting project.

We would like to thank all colleagues of Cosun R&D for their collaboration!


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